Reducing Stress

Stress in college is inevitable, but sometimes life can become a little overwhelming. This can definitely effect your academic performance and personal well-being. There are many resources on campus to help us deal with and manage our stress:

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): This is a great resource available to students at the university. CAPS features one-on-one and group counseling for more personal stress. There’s also a new wellness zone that’s open to students throughout the week, providing a relaxing space to relieve some stress. The link to some great CAPS events can be found  HERE.

Another great way to reduce stress is to hit the gym. “Working out” in whatever way you can may help reduce stress dramatically. The gyms on campus offer great resources – whether you want to swim a few laps in the Bell Pool, or take part in any of the wonderful health and fitness programs, you can view all information HERE.

Also, if school has you stressed, stop into the Peer Academic Advising Office (PAAO)! We’re in from 12-5PM and would love to help in whatever way we can. Reduce stress to the best of your abilities and good luck with your continuing semesters!


Nick’s tip: Do Something Restorative Every Day

Getting caught up in the constant barrage of tasks, homework assignments, group meetings, and lengthy readings, it can be hard to leave some time to take care of yourself (let alone catch your breath!). Staying on task is very important in college, but so is being effective, and it is very difficult to be effective if you are low in both energy and morale.

My tip: choose one thing you want to do everyday – it doesn’t have to be big – whether it’s taking a quick walk through the arb, making a trip to the gym, or grabbing a cup of your favorite coffee/tea drink. Search for what’s restorative to you and make time for yourself to do that. Being able to de-stress in such manner will hopefully help you be more effective in your work and interpersonal relationships (and it can be fun!).

Jen says Stay Healthy!

This time of the year is a prime time for illness. If you get sick it will definitely put some stress on your academics. By following these recommendations, you can reduce the likelihood of getting sick.

– Don’t share drinks – of anything. Think about what you’re drinking and whether it is germ free (if flying objects of any sort have landed in it, it is not clean).

– Dress for the weather. Don’t wait until December to get your coat out. If you are going out at night, wear enough clothing to keep warm.

– If you are concerned about whether or not you are eating healthy at the dining halls, consider taking a vitamin supplement. A diet of Ramen noodles will not supply enough Vitamin C to boost your immune system in times of stress.

– Learn now how to manage your stress before midterms get here. Stress weakens your immune system.

– Keep things clean. Clean your m-card, cell phone, ipod, etc. (use a slightly damp cotton ball and rubbing alcohol). These things carry germs, which most people don’t think about. Also, keep your rooms and bathrooms clean, as well as your hands.

– Listen to your body. If you are feeling run-down, schedule in some extra sleep, stay in on Friday night, or eat healthier. Also, if you start to feel sick, go to UHS. Don’t spread your germs to everyone else.