Stephan and Stats 250

My favorite class is Statistics 250 (Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis).

When I first registered for this class, I was really skeptical as to whether or not I’d take much away from the class, or how much of the information could be used in other contexts at the University (or even in my field of study). However, after looking back on the class, I have found that this class really helped me to learn many relevant concepts that can definitely transfer to skills needed in another course or post-graduate work (and I really enjoyed learning the material!), such as determining a margin of error or ideal sample sizes for surveys, for example.

Plus, Statistics 250 counts towards the Quantitative Reasoning 1 (QR/1) and Math and Symbolical Analysis (MSA) requirements!

I love Orgo, and so can you!

My favorite class is, and will always be, Chemistry 210 (Organic Chemistry 1).  No, I’m not joking!  I genuinely love this class, because I love science and chemistry, solving problems, and thinking “outside the box”.  Chem 210 gets a bad wrap, but a lot of it is hearsay, or from students who had a bad time in it.  If you’re a visual learner, like to think spatially, and like having many ways to approach and solve problems, then this class is for you.  As organic chemistry’s biggest fan, I must say, I love orgo, and so can you!


Living in a Visual World

Jen’s favorite class:

SAC 236, Introduction to the Art of Film, is a fun class that teaches students how to understand and appreciate cinema as an art form. This course will help you develop a greater appreciation of some of Hollywood’s classic movies and gain a deeper understanding of what goes into the creation of your own favorite movies.

We live in a visual society today; we are constantly bombarded with visual images and media is an increasingly utilized tool in many disciplines. The skills you develop in this course will help you understand the artistic decisions behind the creation of cinematic media products and the implications of them.

As a humanities course, it will also help you improve your analytical writing skills while writing about fun topics.

Nadia’s favorite class: Intro to Women’s Studies

Women’s Studies 240 is a class for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and the society we live in! The class covers a broad range of topics from reproductive rights, gender and the law and global feminism. We also talked about other social identities like class, race, and sexuality as well as gender identity.

I gained a lot of critical thinking skills and improved a lot as a writer as a result of taking this class.

This course also counts as a Race and Ethnicity course!

Great for first-year or any year: Psych 122 / Soc 122 / UC 122

Intergroup Dialogues – Psych 122 is a great addition for a first-year student “Looking for something different.” There are small, intimate class sizes (9-14 people); a great way to get to know people on a deep level. Lead by student facilitators emphasizing experiential learning both in and outside of class. Being able to discuss “hot” issues relating to Race and Ethnicity, Religion, Sexuality, Ability, Social Class, and Gender (amongst others).  This also is great a way to become involved with the Program on Intergroup Relations – a LSA and DSA supported program focusing on social justice in campus community and around the world.  [Nick]

Like Nick, Psych 122 is def. my of my fav. class. My topic was about United States vs International where a group of diverse students joined together and had dialogues over different identities and privileges. It was a great way to meet new people who share similar passion and cultivate relationship so they are more than acquaintances. This class serves as an entry point for me to learn about social justice and triggers me to explore more about it later semesters.  [Ginny]