Great for first-year or any year: Psych 122 / Soc 122 / UC 122

Intergroup Dialogues – Psych 122 is a great addition for a first-year student “Looking for something different.” There are small, intimate class sizes (9-14 people); a great way to get to know people on a deep level. Lead by student facilitators emphasizing experiential learning both in and outside of class. Being able to discuss “hot” issues relating to Race and Ethnicity, Religion, Sexuality, Ability, Social Class, and Gender (amongst others).  This also is great a way to become involved with the Program on Intergroup Relations – a LSA and DSA supported program focusing on social justice in campus community and around the world.  [Nick]

Like Nick, Psych 122 is def. my of my fav. class. My topic was about United States vs International where a group of diverse students joined together and had dialogues over different identities and privileges. It was a great way to meet new people who share similar passion and cultivate relationship so they are more than acquaintances. This class serves as an entry point for me to learn about social justice and triggers me to explore more about it later semesters.  [Ginny]