John on why procrastination is a baaaad idea

We’ve all been there; the night before an assignment is due, maybe even a couple hours before it is due.  I’ve been there many times!  Sometimes it can be fun to go down to the wire, to use some “brain adrenaline”, maybe kick back some caffeine and get to work.  Don’t get me wrong, it is fun.  Its fun because we like the rush and flirting with danger/failure.  However, this shouldn’t be a habit, because sooner or later you cut it too close to the wire and actually miss turning in that paper, or doing poorly on that test.

Instead, use distributed practice.  This means, instead of doing all 5 hours of studying for your test the night before, do one hour a day for the 5 days leading up to it.  You retain more, you stress out less, and you’ll do better.  This can be for tests, essays, or regular HW.  Studies show that cramming due to procrastination causes you to basically loose all that knowledge after the test is done.  Remember, knowledge is what you have left after you’ve done all that studying for the test.  So, build knowledge, and don’t delay in doing it.